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11 Essential Tools For Running A Business

11 Essential Tools For Running A Business

Every small business needs tools that are essential for making transactions. These tools help in saving time and money for business owners as they can now solve issues with marketing, sales, research, IT, human resources, etc. using these tools.

These tools can help to increase sales, timely distribution of online contents, team collaboration, build a website, manage conversations on social media platforms, and so on. Most of these tools are free but with some paid features. When you use this tool, it increases productivity and gives you an advantage against your competitors.

We are going to list some of the latest business tools you can use to work smarter and not harder to increase your efficiency and allow you to manage various tasks without burning out.


This tool helps you manage everything about your ad campaigns such as setting up email client, launching and managing your ad campaigns, tracking analytics for your website, and so on. You can also purchase your branded domain using this tool. It is the best tool for managing your online marketing in a spot free from hacking or spamming.


Improve communication with your team through the Telzio tool. Here you don’t need to use phone networks as every conversation with the office phone can happen over the internet. There are no termination or lock-in fees to bother with when using it. You and your team can manage calls and send messages across from any location in the world. It also comes with a web interface that is easy to use even by those with no technical experience.


Trello is a task management platform that helps businesses keep track of daily tasks to get done so that they don’t miss out on doing the important things. With this tool, you can add notes, create cards, set due dates to projects and other things to keep your team accountable. It is a free tool but also has some paid features that are good for the growth of your business.


If you’ve always wanted to work with your team seamlessly without having to ever meet at a physical location, then Asana is the best tool you can use in achieving it. The tool helps in managing team conversation and tasks which could be general or individual. Teammates can get automatic task updates about the projects they are working on and get to work immediately.

You can use it to organize conversations for easy referencing rather than having using mails. It is useful for meetings, setting milestones, and collaborating on shared projects. You can start using this tool free of charge, but it does come with a paid plan, which is $21 for a maximum of 5 users.


If you’ve heard of Salesforce, then you probably know about customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Well, Insightly is another CRM software specifically for small businesses. It allows you to manage your customers, partners, vendors, suppliers, and other contacts essential for your business growth.

With this tool, you can store everything about your contacts starting from the address, location, email conversations, projects, supplies, and other highly sensitive information. You can also use it for project management to create tasks and set milestones for projects. It comes with features such as automated reminders, event reports, and project views.

It is free for a team of three, but if you have a larger group, you’ll have to use the standard plan which costs $7 per month for one user.


This tool is a fantastic tool that helps you manage everything that has to do with engagement on social media. It helps in scheduling contents to send out, monitor, and engage followers, etc.

It also has its track analytics, which helps you measure your return on investment on every social media platform so that you know what social media strategy is working and which you have to change.

You can decide to use the free individual plan or purchase the pro plan for your team, which costs $9.99.


GoCo is a tool that helps to manage the HR workflow of a small business. It manages HR documents, performance management, time-off tracking, compliance, and benefits administration. It also helps in streamlining the onboarding and off-boarding of employees.

With an HR tool like this, you do not need to deal with the unnecessary paperwork and filing that comes managing employees and payroll. It makes your workplace more organized and improves transparency.

Good hire

If you are thinking of expanding your team, you may want to make use of the tool, Good hire which helps in the recruitment process of new employees by conducting skills tests, reference check, drug screening, driving record checks, identity verification, and all other background checks conducted on applicants before hiring them.

A good hire is beneficial because you can do all of the above in less than 24 hours and without the use of paper. All you need is your smartphone to operate the app. 


There is no business without sales, and so if you aspire for tremendous business growth, you’ll need to look for efficient and effective ways to boost sales. One of the numerous tools that help you achieve this is the Salesloft.

The tool helps in reaching your target audience, convert, and turn them to repeat customers. It has essential features such as the sales dialer and email builder. It also has an integrated system that helps you import data from other sales tools like Salesforce for more effectiveness.


As a small business, it is your responsibility to continue seeking information that will help your business thrive and remain relevant in years to come. One of the best platforms you can source this information and even increase brand awareness is the Quora forum. You can always find experts to clear your doubts and give you answers to any topic. Be sure to add sections to reflects your interest in the settings.


You can use this tool for the smooth running of the financial department of your business. It is useful for invoicing, payroll, and general accounting. It only caters for a team of nine or less. You can use the platform for free if you are only using it for personal finance applications, invoicing, receipts, or accounting. However, you’ll need to pay $9 per month if you intend using it for payroll application.

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