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Drafting a business plan is the first most crucial step to take when planning a business, especially if you want to get investors to fund your business. It also provides you with an in-depth insight which tells whether your business would be successful or not.

Most entrepreneurs feel the business plan is not something that should take the forefront while building a business.

They would instead focus on developing their product idea until it becomes fit for mass production, finding their target customers, and recruiting the right team. And they are not wrong in any way, but preparing a business plan is also as important.

Drafting a business plan can take up time, energy, and resources if you are going the extra mile to make it perfect. But knowing that most entrepreneurs hardly have time and resources at their disposal, it could be challenging to prepare a winning business plan.

As a solution to this problem, we have created a team of consultants who have helped thousands of entrepreneurs develop a perfect business plan that contributed to getting them their dream investors.

Business plan strategist consultants

Our consultants are expert in writing business plans having written for over ten thousand people and have also grown their business from scratch.

Our clients range from start-ups to large enterprises looking for investors to help fund their business expansion initiatives.

We can easily understand any business after conducting the necessary research. With this, we help you review your plans and strategies and come up with better suggestions to benefit the company.

Unlike the typical business writer who waits for details about your company before writing the plan, we do our research and analysis to spot any loopholes you might have missed or ignored when thinking of the business idea.

We help to research about the industry, market, target audience, competitors, and other essential aspects that will affect your business short or long term.

Seeing that you cannot write a one size fit all business plans, we draft your idea in the package you prefer be it for angel investors, venture capitalists, or an inquiry into the scalability of the business.

Working with us, you are sure of a winning business plan that will make investors see the value of your business at first sighting of the document.

Get a winning business plan within your budget

Scanning through all our offerings, you may think that our prices would be outrageous, but this is far from the truth.

However, your budget lies in the responsibilities you wish to place on us. We need to understand how far you’ve come in developing your business framework and what exactly you need help resolving.

Our prices are not static but according to the different needs and budget of our clients.

Our services include:

  • Conducting a competitive analysis to analyze your market and competition
  • Projecting your vision through a compelling business plan
  • Developing your business plan from scratch
  • Edit and format your business plan to eliminate all errors

Preparing your business plan

There is no harm in writing your business plans if you have the time and can articulate your vision and goals in an organized way.

There is, however, a clear cut difference between writing a business plan and formulating a business plan strategy. The latter takes a lot of time, work, and commitment to achieve.

You’ll need to first equip yourself with the knowledge of the common mistakes entrepreneurs make when drafting a business plan so that you can avoid them.

One thing our consultants can also do is to guide you through preparing your business plan to prevent any mistakes that could cost the funding of your business.

Different purposes of a business plan

If you’ve done any research on drafting a business plan, you’ll know that there are different purposes of a business plan and our consultants can help tailor your business plan to meet its specific purpose.

Here are some types of business plans we can help to prepare:

Angel investor funding business plan

When sourcing for funds from specifically an angel investor, there are some essential aspects of a business plan you need to highlight for them to see.

An angel investor would want to see your elevator pitch and executive summary before even requesting for the plan.

It means the above documents need to be perfect for any progress to occur, and this is where we concentrate on when drafting a business plan to get angel investors.

But this does not mean we don’t also develop a perfect business plan that will provide them with more details of your business.

Venture capitalist

What most venture capitalists look for in a business plan is the strength of your team and how you manage them.

What this means is that you’ll need to carefully discuss in detail your management structure, which includes your staffing and training plans as well as the promoters and shareholders.

We can help tailor your business plan to magnify your management structure so the investors can see the steps you have put in place to ensure the business would be successful.

Bank funding

Two things most banks will require from you is a business plan, your balance sheet, and a financial forecast. These documents must satisfy them before you can access their loans. We can help you sort them out in a way your loan request won’t get refused.

Franchise business plan

Understanding of franchise business concept and their product market is necessary when submitting a business plan to companies you want to be under their franchise. We can prepare a well-detailed plan while guiding you to articulate your vision correctly.

Immigration visa business plan

When planning to migrate to a country primarily for business, you’ll need to go through a specific visa route.

The country requires the visa applicant to prepare a visa plan that will explain the details of the business and also how the applicant intends to fulfill the visa requirements.

So you see, this is a bit different from the traditional business plan, but we can help prepare it in a compelling way that they won’t deny you a visa.

We can prepare several types of business plan depending on your business and funding needs to be it from friends and family or corporate funders.

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