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Most entrepreneurs tend to write their business plan because according to them, no one knows the business better than they do which is partly true.

An expert consultant can know everything about your business even better than you think you do if given a little time to do some research coupled with his or her experience. But that’s not what we are discussing.

Writing a business plan all by yourself is not a wrong move as long as you know the critical features of a business plan which are:

  • Executive summary
  • Company/business description
  • Product or services description
  • Industry/market analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Marketing and sales plan
  • Management and organization structure
  • Financial forecasting

You can try writing the plan yourself since it would allow you to critically think about every aspect of your business to be able to predict the future outcome.

However, when you are through with drafting the plan, it is crucial to give an experienced reviewer who would scrutinize it and ensure to ensure it meets the requirements of investors, bank executives and other essential professionals that will read your plan.

Why you should get your business plan reviewed

Objective feedback

Reviewing your business plan gives you the opportunity of getting objective feedback about your business from a professional.

You would be able to discuss your plans, including your goals and strategy with someone who has years of experience in preparing business plans and also helping with business strategies.

This experienced professional would be able to spot any essential information you might have missed while writing the plan and help you through any complications such as the financial section of your business plan.

Know the viability of your business model

Your business model means identifying the sources of revenue for your business as well as details of financing.

It helps you identify the profitable products and services, the target market, and the expenses the company will incur. Simply put, it is your plan for making a profit.

You may have designed your business model in a way that suits you, but it takes an expert to spot the few errors here and there; the gaps in your calculations and other tiny but significant details you missed.

The business plan will show you ways you can adjust the model to make sure it is viable enough to generate cash that will sustain the business.

Organize your plan

There is a high probability that your idea is not in an organized form, probably because it’s the first time you tried writing a business plan.

Working with a reviewer will help you organize your plan to look presentable in appearance and structure. And will help you tackle every issue in your plan and resolve them.

Helps you make an informed decision

Aside from reviewing your business plan, an expert reviewer can provide you with many tips on how to run a successful business.

You will be learning a lot through stories of past failures from them or other entrepreneurs they’ve worked with in the past.

An expert would review your business plans and give you the risk analysis of the choice you’ve made and if it comes with any future implications.

Through their point of view, you can be able to make an informed decision on the matters concerning your business.

Gives you an in-depth analysis of your plan

Before meeting up with a business plan reviewer, you’ll probably have incomplete knowledge of your business plan and would need to look check through before remembering some facts and figures.

However, by the time the reviewer works with you to analyze the plan, you will know it by heart, which is a good thing if you intend on pitching it to investors. It would impress that you know your project inside out.

Continuously reviewing your business plan

Even after you’ve given a professional to write and review your business plan, it is advisable to update it regularly.

The business plan is a dynamic document which helps in monitoring the progress of your business to see if you are achieving the goals and objectives. It also helps in identifying when things go wrong and look for ways to improve.

Also, changes such as new competitors, market trends, change in the economy or industry regulations, money influx, government restrictions, or key personnel in the business can necessitate a review of the business plan.

It is, therefore, advisable to review your business plan at least every year or more regularly within three to six months, especially if you are experiencing fast business growth.

Why you should use our services

It is always advisable to let a second eye see any important document you may have drafted to help you spot errors you may have missed and to offer advice. So, if you’ve already prepared your business plan and you need a professional eye to review it, we are ready to be of help.

We have professional consultants who will review every detail of the plan while asking relevant questions like an investor would ensure the plan is perfect.

Our services are affordable with discounts and a quick turnaround that ensures your business plan is ready whenever you need it.

Our services include:

  • Reviewing your business plan and other attached materials
  • Giving you feedback by writing an evaluation of the plan
  • Making improvements on your plan and model if requested
  • Offering our guidance by answering your question and giving advice

Things to note:

We have different prices and packages tailored to suit your budget. But we provide quality services with every package.

We would treat the information we have access to in your business plan and financial model with the utmost confidentiality.

To be able to understand your business and everything surrounding it, we would need about three business days after you’ve submitted the document for review before we contact you to discuss the contents and communication process for the complete report and how to improve.

We would require you to fill a form where you will enter your personal and contact information to prompt further communication.

Contact us today to talk with our expert business plan reviewers to professionally review your business plan to get investors that would be interested in funding your business. Don’t leave anything to chance!