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Nine Smart Ways To Make More Money Through LinkedIn

Nine smart ways to make more money through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is primarily known as a social network to connect professionals and those seeking jobs. But do you know you can make more through LinkedIn than you already do with your regular job or business?

To make more money on LinkedIn, you’ll need to start by completing your profile, among other things, to improve your visibility and get more profile views and even come up in Google searches.

Here are some steps you should take to increase your earning through LinkedIn. It has worked for lots of people, and we hope it would work for you:

Make your profile presentable

The first step you want to take towards earning more money on LinkedIn, making sure that your profile provides sufficient information about you and the value you are offering. Add details about your background, education history, areas of expertise, skills, email address, and other information needed.

Brand your profile header with your pictures or business logo. Use high quality and professional-looking pictures. If you have accounts with other social media networks, it is more effective to use the same profile picture so that people can quickly identify your brand.

Ensure you have a high-quality professional profile photo. Avoid using blurry pictures. Also, use a headline that will attract clients. Let your profile headline talk about how you can serve your prospective clients.

Your headline should be a summary of your business. It will help viewers develop an interest in your brand and seek more information from your LinkedIn profile.  If you have videos, audios, or any written materials you want viewers to see, add them to your LinkedIn profile. Monitor the one that gets more views and provides more of it.

If you are going to add videos, ensure you upload them directly on the network rather than linking to another site or network. LinkedIn prefers that their users stay on the platform and adding a video link won’t make that possible, and would earn you lower video views. So try as much as you can to upload videos to LinkedIn.

Build a mailing list

To be able to sell your products and services on LinkedIn, you should have a mailing list where you can keep your prospects updated with information about your services. How do you build a mailing list? You can start by creating a LinkedIn group and do free giveaways.

Offer discounts on new products, make it more interesting by creating unique offer code for the product, and share with your connections. Through this means, you can reach out to them through emails.

Sell your information product

Bring people to your sales page by offering free content such as ebooks, whitepapers, videos, and so on. Add a link to where they can get this free content, and this link should lead to your sales page. Organize webinars on topics that would be of interest to your prospects. Promote your webinar on LinkedIn to your connections or groups.

If you have any product you’ve newly launched, ensure to promote them on your profile under the publication and project section. Add the links to your website under this section. Also, promote your products in the various groups you’ve joined or created by using the promotional section. You can also contact influencers on LinkedIn to help write a recommendation for your product.

Boost your book sales

You don’t have to rely on Amazon Kindle or your website to market your ebooks; you can also use LinkedIn as a medium to boost your book sales. You can start by including a link to your books on Amazon or your website so that people can click to purchase them.

You can get more creative by making a video trailer to post on YouTube, then add it to the media section of your profile. Also, create a post about the book on your blog and share it with your LinkedIn account. If you are yet to add the LinkedIn share button to your blog, now is the time to do so.

Another way to boost the sales of your ebook through LinkedIn is directly informing your contacts about it. Create a unique sales message and send it to each of them privately. If you want to go the extra mile, you can personalize the messages.

Do some affiliate marketing

If you generate income through affiliate marketing, then you can get more leads through the LinkedIn platform. Start by adding the link of your most recent affiliated product reviews to the publication section of your LinkedIn.

You can also look for groups on LinkedIn where you can answer questions related to your product and refer people to it using a link. If the group treats links as spams, send it to the members through a private message.

If you have created a group on LinkedIn, you can keep the members informed of new product reviews, product launches, discount codes, etc. by sending out emails to them.

Write articles on LinkedIn

If you write articles to promote your business, then you should do so on the network too. Writing articles on LinkedIn also increases your search visibility and gives you access to the data of anyone reading the articles, so you know how to create more targeted articles.

Use hashtags

LinkedIn might not be the home of hashtags like Instagram, but you can use one or two hashtags on the platform to increase your search visibility. Use their hashtags to expand your reach to prospective clients. Search for your business-related hashtags that are popular and add to your post.

Sign up to LinkedIn profinder

If you want to get more clients, then one of your best options is to sign up for LinkedIn profinders. It helps in generating leads related to the value you are offering. In this platform, you’ll have access to lots of professionals who may need your services. However, to fully enjoy the platform, subscribe to LinkedIn premium.

Use LinkedIn advertising

LinkedIn advertising can also fetch you more money if used right. All you need to is create an ad campaign and target it to the LinkedIn users you want. Inform them of the products you are offering. Be sure to make them interested by offering discount codes, free content, special offer for a limited time, reviews, etc. to make them click your link to purchase.

There are lots of ways to make more money through LinkedIn. If you need more information on this and other business-related topics, send us a message, and we would guide you through it.

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