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Optimizing Your Linkedin Company Page To Improve Online Presence In 2019

Optimizing Your Linkedin Company Page to Improve Online Presence In 2019

The 2019 LinkedIn statistics reports that the platform is 277 percent more effective in generating leads when compared to Facebook or Twitter. There are also more than 30 million companies signed up on the LinkedIn platform. This report goes to show that companies who are not promoting their presence on LinkedIn are running at a considerable loss.

It is therefore vital that companies begin to optimize their LinkedIn company page to improve their online presence if they hope to stay relevant to the digital space. To do this, they need to create a compelling profile, optimize it for SEO through keywords, create contents to share, use hashtags moderately, use the endorsement advantage, and so on.

Here is a step by step breakdown of how you can optimize your LinkedIn company page to increase search visibility and generate leads in 2019:

Update your profile

We are going to assume that you already have a LinkedIn company page that is probably not set up the right way. The first thing you need to do is update your company’s profile image because it’s the first thing people notice before reading through what you have written.

Profile Image

You don’t need to give much thought to the picture you should use on your company profile. The standard image should be your company’s logo, something people can identify. What should concern you is how to fix it to meet LinkedIn’s image requirements and to ensure it displays correctly on any device be it a pc or mobile device.

The ideal size for a LinkedIn profile image is 300*300 pixels in PNG format. Ensure the image is not more than 8MB, and you use a square layout.

Profile banner

You don’t need to use your company’s logo for your banner as well. Get creative and use something that would uniquely represent your brand. There are two available banner examples you might want to apply in hanging your company’s banner on your profile. The first one is Sephora while the other is Air Canada.

The Sephora banner is simple but stylish. It is designed with black and white stripes which display the different aspects of their branding.

Air Canada went with a more active and engaging banner. They added bilingual hashtags and Canada colors which showcase their involvement with the 2018 Seoul Winter Olympics.

However, you need to make sure it resonates with the sizing requirement which is 1536*768 pixel in a PNG format and also a maximum of 8MB, but this time, using a rectangular layout.

Write a compelling SEO “About us.”

You need to ensure your “about us” section is full of persuasive words that rightly portrays the image of your company.  It should be able to describe your company, the location, offering, vision, mission, and further contacts. Let your visitors get every information they need about your company but ensure it is concise and not more than 2000 characters.

It should also be well-optimized with the right keywords and phrases. Include the relevant links such as your company’s official website, blogs, company size, location, industry type, address, and other promotional materials.

When you take out time to complete your profile, you are increasing your search visibility and portraying the image of a severe business-minded organization.

Add showcase pages

You can also add showcase pages where you give your viewers more information about your company, like its daily activities. Showcase pages are not used by most companies, probably because they have no idea of its value. What does this mean for you? Using it puts you ahead of the competition, especially when you have up to 10 pages.

Put up contents about product ranges, charity and sponsorship events, sports events, conferences, expos, team building events, etc. Most viewers would be pleased with this addition. Post articles, videos, presentations, etc regularly on your showcase pages. You can share sponsored contents and do some advertising.

The reason you should be more active on your showcase pages is that you know that people who visit them are already interested in your brand and need more information to keep up. They are also more likely to share what they have read to their networks, which further expand your reach.

Create, publish and share contents

Also, make it a habit to share relevant materials that are regularly engaging. If you must know, according to statistics, contents on LinkedIn receive up to 9 million impressions each week.

For your company to have a share in that overwhelming number of impression to increase your search visibility, you need to create contents and publish regularly. It makes it easy to target the right audience for your brand and engages them, which lead to conversion.

If you have the capacity, publish and share contents four times a week, the least should be twice a week.

Promote your company’s culture

If you want to attract quality job seekers to apply for your openings, you need to promote your company’s culture to portray it as a pleasant place to work. Add articles, images, videos, about the daily activities of your business to the career pages which you can find in the “life” tab. Also, remember to add links to each of the posts to increase engagements.

Another way you can show your company in good light is by showcasing the creativity of your employees through articles they might have written or projects they executed. You can do this by clicking the “Employees perspectives” section and publishing the necessary posts.

When job seekers see that your company values its employee’s perspectives, they get further assured that they can improve their personal growth and also get recognized at it while working in your company.

Give and receive endorsements

Endorsements are proof that everything you have painstakingly taken out time to write on your company’s profile is accurate. If your profile has no approval, it portrays your company in a negative light. Where should you get approvals? First, you need to understand that to get endorsements; you have to ask for them. Ask from your employees, associates, customers, partners, and everyone that deals with your company.

For more tips on how to increase the visibility of your LinkedIn company page in 2019, please send us a message so that our team of experts can get to work immediately

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