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Useful Amazon Ad Settings You Should Know

Useful Amazon Ad settings you should know

When you set your ad campaign the wrong way in whatever platform, it will not bring the desired results. The same is true with the Amazon Ad. You need to know the necessary settings to review if you hope to attract customers and improve your sales on the platform.

Critically analyzing your Amazon Ad settings and campaign structures and adequately set them up would make advertising on the platform successful.

Here are some of the Amazon Ad settings you should review:

The manual and automatic campaign

When setting up a campaign ad on Amazon, you should consider using both the manual and automatic sponsored product campaigns to achieve your advertisement goals.

Some people opt for the manual Ad because they feel they can control the campaign by targeting it to a specific audience. But what they don’t know is that automated campaigns give broad coverage.

You can easily add other products you want the advertisement to cover in the same ad groups of a similar product. That is why it is advisable to use both the manual and automatic for targeted and broad traffic to your products. It’s a win-win situation.

The traffic types

When creating a campaign, it’s important to structure it in a way that you are specifically targeting one of the three traffic types, which are the brand, category, and competitor.

Doing this helps you see the performance of each traffic type so that you know which is doing well and how to allocate your ad funds in the future. If you group all three classes, it will only give full or underinflated results.

The keyword match types

There are three types of keyword matches which are the broad, phrase and exact. Using all three keywords in your campaign will help extend your reach to your target audience.

Focus more on exact match keywords because they have a high probability for conversation rate. And then, you can add the broad and phrase match keywords for finding out more search queries and converting them to keywords.

The target keywords should also be in your product listing so that Amazon’s algorithm can pick it up to display in search results.

If you want to boost your sales through the keywords, use keyword phrases or long-tail keyword to help your product show up in relevant searches were shoppers are looking for products similar to yours to purchase.

To prevent unnecessary clicks that do not end up in sales, use negative keywords. They ensure your ads are only visible to those with a high probability of placing an order, thereby saving you money.

The Ad formats

There are different ad formats available to you as a seller on Amazon. Please take advantage of them so that they help achieve your advertisement goals. Among the different ad formats on the platform are sponsored products, sponsored brand campaigns, and product display ads. Each of these ad formats has a role to play when it comes to ensuring your campaign gets to your target audience.

The sponsored product ads

The sponsored product ads help in generating the most traffic. It is a PPC ad where a specific product gets numerous placements such as the top, middle, or bottom of a search results page and the individual product pages.

It brings in more sales per click when compared to the branding and displays ad format, probably because it is more sales specific.

You can use the different keyword match types when setting up the ads since they are keyword targeted and meant to promote a specific item.

It is also flexible as it can help promote your brand and increase search visibility, which in turn drives traffic to your product page. And you can always increase your return on investment by adjusting the campaign duration.

The sponsored brand ad format

The sponsored brand Ad format focuses on promoting your brand to a new audience for high sales conversion.

It comes with a banner placement at the top of Amazon’s search result page to increase your brand’s visibility to create more awareness so that shoppers can learn more about your products and probably place an order.

Unlike the sponsored product ad, this ad can promote a maximum of three products and can set up the campaign structure to run for four months.

Another difference between the sponsored products and branding ad format is that the cost per click of the latter is higher than the former. People tend to click more on the brand Ad probably out of curiosity but do not always end up placing an order.

The product display ad format

The product display ad format also helps to increase brand awareness. It attracts shoppers to your store by tracking their interests and channeling it to your store.

You can see the display ad on review pages, marketing emails, listing pages, and at the right or bottom of search result pages. This type of advertisement is quite expensive and not for brands with a tight budget.

The video ads format

The video display Ad format helps to increase brand visibility, create awareness, and reach a broad audience. You can place the ads on fire tv, IMDb, and

You can then direct the viewers to your landing page, which could either be your website, Amazon product page, or any other web pages you’ve prepared as your landing page.

Other things to make your Amazon campaign ads successful are:

Limit the use of duplicate keywords

Using duplicate keywords in one ad format can make it challenging to know the specific keyword that is generating traffic for your products. It then becomes difficult to know which keywords to reuse for another campaign. Please stick to one keyword at a time to be able to measure its performance.

Also, use negative keywords to limit the appearance of your ads in locations where there are only clicks but no conversion.

Be creative with your Ad

Use high-quality images and use an attractive headline, which should briefly explain the top benefits of the product you are advertising.  It’s important you add the benefits to the headline because people using mobile phones can only see the image and caption.

Adding the benefits will compel them further to click on the ad. You can also add a bit of urgency to increase the probability of conversion.

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